things to remember

  • taylor swift loves you
  • you may not have met her yet, you may not have ever gone to a concert
  • you may never go to a concert and you may never meet her
  • but you could meet her, you never know, and if you’re starting to think like this with no hope now, you probably won’t meet her
  • so
  • hold your head up, chin up darling
  • because
  • you know what won’t change, will never change?
  • the fact that
  • taylor swift loves you



OMFG………IMAGINE A LISTENING PARTY WITH ALL TUMBLR FANS……………………..THAT WOULD SERIOUSLY BE SO WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but wild in the GOOD way…not wild as in breakin vases and setting abandoned schools on fire i mean wild as in WILD!!!!!!!!!! FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! HECK YEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

taylorswift YES and we could all bake and have a little dance party and be cute together


remember that time taylor set aside a portion of her tour and performed any song that any fan wanted her to
or that time she performed one of her most heartbreaking songs at the most coveted music awards show simply because her fans wanted her to
or one of the three times she invited fans into her personal homes and treated them as her best friends
oh yeah but I forgot she dated your fav band member lets burn her at the stake lolz




Listened to taylorswift all day to help get me through my last first day of college! What did you do today, Taylor?

Stayed in bed watching Friends re runs til 3pm.
Threw the cats some treats.
Re arranged ma closet.
Stalked tumblr.
Googled cookie recipes.
Got cold…